The Truth Project – Week 10 | American Experiment – Stepping Stones

Pastor John BartzNews

Versus for Reference

  • Isaiah 33:22
  • Revelation 2:5
  • Romans 13
  • Hasea 13:6

Video that will help as an additional resource:  

Monumental with Kurt Cameron.

Questions for Further Reflection

  1. What did you see on this tour? Which of these were particularly striking to you?
  2. It was during a re-enactment of Washington’s Farewell Address, says Dr. Tackett, that he was struck by the “sinking feeling” that he had been “lied to.” What “lies” does he have in mind, and how do they fit the pattern of the other lies we’ve encountered during the course of our worldview tours? Have you been subjected to such lies yourself?
  3. Name some of the early sources for the idea of “the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” referenced by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Why was this concept so important to the founders of the American system of government? What risks do we run in replacing this idea with Langdell’s notion of “evolving law?”
  4. What did John Adams mean when he affirmed that “… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”? What does this imply about the foundations of the American Experiment and the basic structure of the system of government it established?
  5. Why, according to Dr. Tackett, is it in vogue to hate America today? To what extent is this hatred justifiable, and to what extent is it a manifestation of the Cosmic Battle?
  6. What should we do when Adams’s assumptions no longer appear to be valid – that is, when it becomes evident that Americans can no longer be characterized as a “moral and religious people” as he understood the phrase? How do we apply the Founders’ ideas to a “multicultural” America where a flood of moral and spiritual perspectives – e.g., Buddhism, spiritism, Islam, Native American religions, and Wicca – have become part of the cultural fabric?